Concierge & Maintenance Services

Concierge Services

  • Housesitting
  • Airport shuttle
  • Key holder services
  • Security notification service
  • Home opening and closing
  • Shopping service (food, beverage, bathroom supplies, Etc.)
  • Service coordinator (A/C, Plumbing, Electrical, Security, Cable, Cleaning Etc.)
  • Vehicle inspection (Battery tender service, tire inspections, oil leaks, and mold inspections)

Maintenance services offered:

  • Storm shutter service  (Installation and removal)
  • Air filter service  (Monthly)
  • Smoke detector battery service  (Every 6 months)
  • Gutter cleaning  (Spring service)
  • Power washing  (Annually or as requested)
  • Sink drain  (Clogs or jewelry recovery)
  • Toilet repairs  (Flapper valve, seat loose, etc.)
  • Honey do list
  • Etc.