Home Watch

You home is one of life’s major investments and the longer it is left unattended the greater the possibility of a disastrous, costly event occurring resulting in thousands of dollars of damages.  We recommend home watch services at least 2 to 4 times per month.  Read More>>


Suggested Services Include…


Concierge Services

Stopping by the grocery store before starting your visit?  Need someone to meet a service person?  Need a point of contact for your alarm company? Read More>>

Storm Services

Living in Florida exposes us to the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Who is looking after your home before and after to make sure it is prepared prior… Read More>>

Car Watch

Leaving a vehicle unattended over a period of time can may result in a dead battery, flat tires or even the growth of mold inside the car.  Our checks can… Read More>>

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