Storm Services

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, we will do a pre-storm and post-storm inspection. During the pre-storm inspections we will make sure your home is secured and all loose items are stored in a safe location. Post-storm is not a full Home Watch inspection, it’s simply a quick visit to the home to inspect for any damage caused by the storm, provide a report with photos of any damage if any.

If Imperial Home Watch Services deems it a emergency, we will automatically do a post storm inspection with no notification to the home owner.

Pre-Storm Inspection

  1. Insure that all doors and windows are locked.
  2. Move all loose items off the porch and pool deck (furniture, tables, planters, swim gear etc.).
  3. Relocate grill/BBQ to the garage (remove the tank and secure outside home).
  4. Bring all garden hoses in the garage.
  5. Walk the perimeter of the home to insure everything is secure, take photo’s for documentation.
  6. Turn off ice maker and empty the bin.
  7. Remove perishable food from the refrigerator/freezer.
  8. Unplug all electrical items in the home.
  9. Turn off main water supply to the property.
  10. Insure vehicle windows are up and the keys are secured.

Post-Storm Inspection

Service will only take place when the area is safe and released from mandatory evacuation.

  1. Survey the perimeter of the home and roof (photos of concerns)
  2. Inspection of the interior of the home for obvious concerns or damage. (Photos of concerns)
  3. Inspection of garage and vehicles (Photos of concerns)
  4. Contact home owner of any concerns, make a plan for restoration repairs.
  5. Provide the home owner with a detailed report. When the power is restored.

Unsafe: a condition of the home or property deemed unsafe by the Home Watch Inspector/Reporter: Conditions may include: animals, insects, mold, structural damage, water, gas, fire, storm damage, criminal activities, squatters, etc.

Emergency Situation: A situation requiring immediate attention in order to prevent additional damage/risk to the property, Typically determined by the Home Watch Inspector/reporter or requested by the client